my BEFORE picture

my BEFORE picture
i will not continue to be this fat for much longer

Monday, March 14, 2011

Verticle Push/Pull

barbell pullovers: 5x5 ~ 40lbs

stretchy band lat pulldowns: 3x8

military press: 3x5 ~ 75lbs 2x5 ~ 65lbs

bb cuban press: 3x8 ~ 25lbs
L-laterals: 1x10 ~ 5lbs each db
side laying db abduction to 45*: 2x12 ~ 5lbs

barbell pullovers went great! no issues!
lat pulldowns with the stretchy band are OK but i really need something else...ill definitely find something else soon...
military press was going great up to the 3rd set...thats when i started to notice the same pain i have been feeling in the middle of my belly...nothing super painful but enough to make me aware of i lowered to 65 for the last 2 sets.
the rest was RC prehab...
3 sets of cuban presses, 1 set of l-laterals, and 2 sets of laying db abduction at 45*......

GOOD workout!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a little bit of rambling on my history

today was a rest day from lifting even though i did a helluva lot all day long! im proud of my energy and i am taking advantage of it bigtime!
any time i start to feel like i want to cave and eat something carby or sugary i remind myself that what i have been doing IS WORKING...WHY RUIN IT?...DO NOT just takes time and continuous effort!
if i have learned anything over the last....oh.....EIGHT years...its that i, myself, ABSOLUTELY have to stay on track and keep myself accountable or i give myself excuse after excuse until i finally cave and cave big!
going on and off not only ruins the entire plan but its also emotionally AND physically devastating and leads to giving up completely.

i am a woman who WANTS to look great....i ALWAYS looked great when i was growing up! i became accustomed to looking good honestly....i TOTALLY took it for granted!
All the way up to my first child i was a super hottie....and then 3 kids in 10 years, alcohol, dysfunctionality, semi-abusive hubby with an alcohol problem all lead to me putting myself LAST. Once that happened it was just a continuos downhill slide until 2003 when i looked in the mirror one day and was HORRIFIED by what i saw! HOW COULD I HAVE LET THAT HAPPEN?
its amazing how easy it is for people to just look away from the mirror and simply convince themselves that they look the way they see themselves in their heads rather than the actual mirror!!! its DEFINTELY a mental illness in a way!! once i really took a GOOD LONG LOOK at myself and was honest with myself i realized i needed to do something and FAST! i was SO EMBARRASSED!!!!!! i do care what others think about me but when i cant even look at myself naked in the mirror and be happy with what i see then its a sad sad day for me. and believe me i DO NOT like what i see in the mirror when i look at myself naked!!! EEEECK!!!
Luckily i found atkins in 2003 and not long after that i found lifting via BFL. i did fantastically with both and combined i lost 110lbs in 10 months!!!!
everyone, including myself, was amazed and i was praised every where i went about how great i was doing!!! it was AWESOME!!!!
...during that time i also found a passion for lifting i didnt even know i had....i genuinely LOVE lifting and really think i am quite strong genetically!!
slowly i started to lose focus though....i started adding in carbs and i was injured a few times lifting too heavy too fast, so i had to stop lifting.... and so the result of adding in carbs and NOT lifting was a disaster. it was a devastating set back. things at home were more dysfunctional than ever and before i knew it alcohol started to become a real issue for me...i started to go to it anytime i started to feel stress or pain....eventually it really became a serious issue. and on top of the alcohol i also felt like i wasnt even worthy...i just gave up....i ate anything and everything and really and truly just totally said FUCK IT...
i always thought i could control my alcohol consumption but in reality that was a huge denial on my part! im SO GLAD i am free from its restraints now!i hate alcohol at an excessive nature!!! once people get to that point where they are acting foolish and saying stupid shit i am totally unimpressed and fade out as quick as possible.
but LUCKILY i am a VERY competitive woman...have been my entire life! i have no plans of giving up! i WANT to work hard enough to form the shape that I find attractive on myself! i want to make myself proud! NO ONE ELSE!!! i know i can do it!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quad dominant w/ hammie accessory and biceps:

Squats: 5x5 ~ 85lbs

leg extentions: 1x8 ~ 70lbs, 2x8 ~ 85lbs

hammie curls: 2x20 ~ 35lbs

bicep curls: 1x5 ~ 50lbs, 3x5 ~ 55lbs, 1x5 ~ 50lbs

reverse drag curls: 3x8 ~ 40lbs

squats were fantastic today! i cleaned the barbell for all 5 sets and really felt like my form was PERFECT! whohooo!

leg extentions were too easy with the 70 so i upped to 85 and felt it great!

hammie curls were challenging for 2 sets of 20 even though the weight was so light! burn baby burn!

bicep curls were VERY good! 50lbs seemed a little too easy for the first set so i upped it to 55 for 3 sets...last set i had to lower to 50 because my wrist was bugging me.

drag curls were spectacular!

AWESOME workout!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hip/Hammie workout w/ quad accessory and triceps

well i had a GREAT anniversary weekend and am now back on track with my low carb eating and lifting! yay!

Hip/Hamstring w/ quad accessory and triceps:

Deadlifts: 5x5 ~ 165lbs

good mornings: 3x8 ~ 85lbs

leg extentions: 3x20 ~ 50lbs

close grip bench press: 5x5 ~ 85lbs

tricep db extentions: 3x8 ~ 13lbs

woot! deadlifts went great today! the first set was ok but i lost my grip on the 4th rep so i hammered one rep real quick and adjusted my grip to mixed on the rest of the sets....all went well until the 4th set...this is when i started to feel an ache in my mid the exact place i think i tore it years ago...i watched my form the last set and it wasnt hurting so im not overly concerned, just making note of it.
i cleaned the barbell for all 3 sets of good mornings...these went very well and my hammies really felt them!
leg extentions are INSANE! my quads totally took a beating!!
close grip bench press was AWESOME! i really felt these and enjoyed the burn! SO KEWL!
triceps extentions were last...these were fantastic as well....

GREAT workout!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Verticle Push Pull

Verticle Push Pull

Back and shoulders

BB pullovers: 5x5 @ 40lbs
lat pulldowns with stretchy bands: 3x8
military press: 1x4 @ 85lbs, 2x5 @ 75lbs, 1x5 @ 70lbs, 1x5 @ 65lbs
BB shrugs: 2x8 @ 65lbs
bb cuban press: 3x8 @ 20lbs
L-lateral raises: 1x10 @ 5lbs
side laying db abduction to 45* 2x12 @ 5lbs each

OK! i started with the BB pullovers...all 5 sets were was still challenging but week ill up this a little bit.
next i wasnt sure what to do because usually i do lat pulldowns on my machine outside but its i decided to try the stretchy bands again....but THIS TIME i made sure they were securely fastened BEFORE i started stretching! no crazy accidents happened and i am THRILLED! last time i practically tried to chop off my own head with the stretchy band when it wasnt secure and popped back at my neck and chest with serious force! it left a HUGE mark but it was gone that night and never bothered me again! but anywayyyy i was VERY careful this time and all 3 sets of 8 felt good. i really need to research some good replacement exercises for lat pulldowns!
military press was next...i started too heavy with the 85lbs but i really wanted to test my strength...i got up 4 reps but there was no way the last rep would go up so i lowered the weight for the next 2 sets of 5 to 75lbs...these were challenging too! i lowered the weight again for the 4th set to 70lbs and finally to 65lbs for the last set of 5....CRAZY hard today!
after the press i did 2 quick sets of shrugs just to stretch my shoulders out a little....then i went into some RC prehab...its VERY light weight to help build a stronger RC cuff...i have a history of injury in that area so i have to remember to PRE hab!!
i started with cuban presses...did 3 sets of 8 wth 20lbs on the wasnt HARD but boy did it burn!
L lateral raise was good...just one set immediately after the cubans...
last were some laying db a 45* angle...2 sets of 12 went very well and i was dripping with sweat by this time!
good workout!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quad dominant w/ hammie accessory and biceps

uad dominant w/ hammie accessory + biceps

Squats: 3x5 @ 85lbs, 2x5 @ 75lbs

leg extentions: 1x8 @ 70lbs, 1x8 @ 80lbs, 1x8 @ 85lbs

SLDL: 2x12 @ 115lbs

bicep curls: 1x5 @ 45lbs, 4x5 @ 50lbs

reverse drag curls 3x8 @ 35lbs

squats went great legs are already like noodles! i cleaned and pressed the barbell for each set. i used 85lbs for the first 3 sets of 5 but had to lower to 75lbs for the last 2 sets of 5....killer burn!

leg extentions went well...first set at 70lbs was a bit too easy so i added 10 fot the next set...still a tad too easy so i added 5 more and 85 seemed like the right weight. next time ill start with 85.

SLDL were amazing at 115 for 2 sets of 12. i had initially wanted to do 2 sets of 20 but theres no way in hell i could do 20 reps with the least not i went with the sets of 12.

bicep curls were wonderful! 45lbs felt too easy on the first set so i went up to 50 for the last 4 sets of 5 and it was PERFECT!

reverse drag curls were last...these are done with very slow concentarted movements and i really felt a burn!


Monday, February 28, 2011


man what a busy day! i worked half the day and then had to take the teenager to the town north of us for some "court business" the time we got back it was time to get the other kids from school and get going on dinner! i worked a little on a new pammiedoodle tonight too, so im excited about that......and i kept my eating nice and low carb all day again! its finally becoming a habit! yay!

today i did not do any sort of workout...REST DAY!...tomorrow i will lift quad dominant with hammies and biceps! yay! i LOVE squats! even though they are hard as hell they do a GREAT job...i am sore for DAYS afterwards and i absolutely LOVE that! i plan to work it HARD!

i know i said i would start posting my macros but i just have been too lazy to go into fitday and put everything in...maybe tomorrow i will try....just know i am not not posting it because i am doing badly! its exactly the opposite! i am doing so well i dont even feel like i have to post it so i havent taken the time to sit down and log it all...maybe i will maybe i wont...haha...i havent decided yet. i know i do better when i am very strict with myself but i also know i rebel at a certain point too so maybe if i take it easy on myself for once things will fall into place...lets hope so anyway!

so good night and ill see ya tomorrow!!!