my BEFORE picture

my BEFORE picture
i will not continue to be this fat for much longer

Monday, March 14, 2011

Verticle Push/Pull

barbell pullovers: 5x5 ~ 40lbs

stretchy band lat pulldowns: 3x8

military press: 3x5 ~ 75lbs 2x5 ~ 65lbs

bb cuban press: 3x8 ~ 25lbs
L-laterals: 1x10 ~ 5lbs each db
side laying db abduction to 45*: 2x12 ~ 5lbs

barbell pullovers went great! no issues!
lat pulldowns with the stretchy band are OK but i really need something else...ill definitely find something else soon...
military press was going great up to the 3rd set...thats when i started to notice the same pain i have been feeling in the middle of my belly...nothing super painful but enough to make me aware of i lowered to 65 for the last 2 sets.
the rest was RC prehab...
3 sets of cuban presses, 1 set of l-laterals, and 2 sets of laying db abduction at 45*......

GOOD workout!

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